Book Release - Heidemarie Mönkemeyer's "Wort und Faden - Word and Thread"

Heide Mönkemeyer

NEW: Browse the book by downloading the excerpt:

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We are very happy to present a new, inspirational book project published in co-operation with Heidemarie Mönkemeyer, textile artist from Ottersberg and dear friend here at Quilt around the World: "Wort und Faden - Word and Thread"


Heidemarie Mönkemeyer "Wort und Faden - Word and Thread"

Since her youth years, Heide has been working with textile materials. Her artistic love belongs to old inherited fabrics, threads, lace, beads and buttons, which she uses to craft charming, delicate picture collages and textile books with poetical expression. Through these, she recalls personal memories and stories from ancient times.

Respectfully, Heide repositions the past in the present and transforms the creativity and fantasy of her ancestors and the beauty of the materials in "word and thread" to give them a place in the future.

The bilingual artist's portrait in German and English allows a deep and very personal insight into her works. The 35 pieces and the accompanying texts and poems show her artistic development since 2008.

You can order this book in your local bookstore or purchase it directly in our webshop:

Heidemarie Mönkemeyer "Wort und Faden - Word and Thread"

Heide also presented selected works at this year's Nadelwelt in Karlsruhe (Germany). Here are a few impressions of her well-received exhibition:

Heide Mönkemeyer - Portrait mit Zeitschichten

Heidemarie Mönkemeyer and her work "Time Layers

Heide's comment: 

This is my contribution to a competition "Art Quilt Award 2013 Nordwolle Delmenhorst" on the subject of TIME where I was one of the winners.

Not only is time transient, but it is also directly perceivable through the age of the earth on which we live.

Starting with these thoughts, I portrayed time as layers. The old fabrics and the seemingly archaic nettle fabric enforce the character of continuous time. The old embroidery floss was added as it was offered to me as a gift. So time flowed through
this piece in a literal sense.

The red bobbin lace symbolises vitality, but also the fragility of the time we have left in our lives. The sky-blue thread represents the hope of eternity whereas the small original label of the embroidery floss "Nirvana" is meant as a touch of irony.

Heide Mönkemeyer - Das Boot - weit draußen

The Boat - Far out to Sea

A Journey

At first glance, this lace collar – one of the few I found at a flea market – was ready for a big journey. It was just missing mast and sails.

The background is made of silk and metal organdie, hand-dyed and quilted, shimmering under a blazing sky.

The boat is already far out to sea.


Heide Mönkemeyer - Teehäuser

Tea Houses

From Everyday Life

This piece of lace had been on my mind for some time, as it was curved. I was thinking about curves, circles or something similar.

While preparing tea, tea-houses came to mind. Like many artists I am not able to withstand the material "teabags".

The tea-houses on the other hand needed a background scenery and so the lace came in, shaping landscape and sky.