A Bucket Full of Oranges...

Octagon Patchwork Block #patchwork #octagonny #aninspirationaday

As you already know, we really like octagons (see also the sneak preview of "Octagonny"!). And, as it happens, we also love fresh orange juice. This is the reason why we buy oranges by the bucket which we also consider to be reasonably sustainable because you can reuse the buckets afterwards.

What is not that handy about these buckets: If you transport a bucket full of oranges (or apples or pears or plums whenever they are in season) in your car and take a turn a little to ambitiously, all the oranges will scatter. To avoid this for the future, we converted one of our octagon blocks into a "bucket cover"...

Bucket Cover #patchwork #octagonny #aninspirationaday

Bucket Cover #patchwork #octagonny #aninspirationaday

This is still a prototype which needs some minor changes to become the really perfect bucket cover... In case you are interested in the pattern for this, let us know!