Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, a quite Unexpected Shopping Experience, Blue Crabs, and the Second Show and Tell

Atlantic Mud Flats

Once more, we had to pack our bags and get up at what seemed to be a few minutes after midnight.

We were rewarded for being the proverbial early birds with a gorgeous sunrise that compensated for stifling yawns and eyes that still refused to open completely.

However, the cool air and steady breeze off the Chesapeake Bay quickly blew away the yawns and blinking eyes...


Our first destination was not, perhaps, a proper a destination. Can you call a bridge and a tunnel that you drive over or through on your way somewhere else a destination? If it’s a combination of bridges and tunnels and takes you across a 20 mile (ca. 32 km) stretch of open water, it is certainly more than a mere road.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel was built in the early 1960s and provides a direct link between “mainland” Virginia and the Delmarva Peninsula. The road that crosses open water where the Atlantic and the Chesapeake Bay meet has radically reduced travelling time for both commercial and passenger traffic.

Windswept Group

On one of the accessible artificial islands, we made a stop and wandered up and down the pier which points out into the Chesapeake Bay. We did our best not to annoy the anglers who had probably had their equipment in place when we were still rolling around in our beds. The sun was again smiling upon us, but the wind was also very much around to blow hair into disarray and make hoods a fashion statement...

We didn’t have a strict agenda for that day – the objective was to breathe in as much atmosphere as possible, to soak up the sunshine, and to enjoy the stunning scenery.

Right after leaving the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, we stopped at a visitor centre to stretch our legs a little on an easy trail which led towards the mud flats on the Atlantic coast:


Our next stop turned out, unintentionally it must be said, to be an  extraordinary shopping experience. Directly on the highway, we found a “Fabric Outlet” located in a former petrol/gas station.

Fabric Outlet

We could see from the look on the owner’s face that not a lot of buses stopped here. At first, she thought we’d lost our way and had stopped to ask directions. Little had she thought that 38 quilters would invade her shop to carry away substantial quantities of fabric.

Fabric Outlet

Definitely not your average quilt shop...

We had our lunch break in Berlin, Maryland. Berlin has acquired some fame for being the background for the film “Runaway Bride” starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. But it is also a very lovely small town that, at least from a European point of view, seems to embody “Small Town America”.


If you have seen the film Runaway Bride, you will easily recognize this sidewalk...

Atlantic Hotel

... and also this hotel!

After our lunch break, we hopped back on the bus and headed for St. Michaels and our next hotel. But not only our hotel! In the evening at 6 pm sharp, we were expected at the Crab Claw Restaurant for a crab fest extraordinaire...

Blue Crabs

Blue crabs in the foreground, pink lemonade behind...

No clean fingers

Eating blue crabs is neither easy nor will you have clean fingers after your meal. As a matter of fact, it is not that easy to keep your face and clothes clean either...

After we had feasted through several courses of terrific seafood, we went back to the hotel and our next Show and Tell. The very friendly hotel manager let us use the breakfast room that was a little deficient in lighting, but otherwise a perfect backdrop to one of the funniest Show and Tells we have ever had on one of these trips...

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