*Cindy B., USA: Burning the Flinthills

Cindy B., USA: Burning the Flinthills

Name of the quilter: Cinty B.

Name of the block: Burning the Flinthills

Country: USA

Size: 9" by 12" (22.5 cm by 30 cm)

The Flint Hills of Kansas

The Flint Hills are 82,000 square miles (about 212 380 square km) of unplowed tallgrass prairie that stretch from eastern Kansas to North-Central Oklahoma. The region is an important area for grazing cattle. The prairie grass is fertilized by the limestone rock that is just below the surface of the soil.

One of the rites of spring is the burning of the dead grass of the winter to prepare for the new grass and flowers. In a typical year, ranchers annually burn thousands of acres. The burning is a management tool to prevent invasion of woody vegetation and promote new growth of native grasses.

For miles and miles you can see the glow of the fire and smell smoke swirling in the Kansas breeze. It is even more impressive to watch it at night as is depicted in this quilt block. Within weeks of the burning, cattle will be delivered for 5 months of grazing.

Cindy B., USA: Burning the Flinthills