Colour Dreams - Autumn Leaves

Colour Dreams #patchwork #aninspirationaday #colour

People who know Jutta a little better will be hugely surprised to hear that she has found a new gadget, and not just any nifty quilting tool, but an app for her phone! People who don't know Jutta well or not at all - she has steadfastly refused to use her smartphone in a 21st century way for a long time and to this day has only five (5) apps alltogether installed on her phone.

And the app which merits a story here at Quilt around the World is called Color Grab and allows you to break down any photo into all the colours. What joy! Especially in autumn, when every bush and tree offers a special leaf with a very special and yet unseen colour combination!

And here the result of Jutta's first attempts at colour grabbing:

Colour Dreams #patchwork #aninspirationaday #colour

This is the leaf....

Colour Dreams #patchwork #aninspirationaday #colour

... and these are the colours which Jutta selected.

Why don't you check back in a few days to see what will happen next with Jutta's first colour dream? ;-)