Colour Dreams - Autumn Leaves meet Patchwork Block

Colour Dreams #patchwork #aninspirationaday #colour

Finding intriguing colour combinations is one thing. Playing around with technical gadgets yet another. But how can such accidental findings be advanced to become a beautiful quilt?

In her quest to translate her Autumn Leaves colour scheme into a quilt, Jutta is still sitting in her digital playground. After grabbing the colour combination with her brand new app, she has turned to her all-time favourite quilting "app" - the patchwork design software Electric Quilt (EQ8).

One of the many nifty features within Electric Quilt is an enormous fabric library which also allows a search based on colours. Jutta says that she is still in the experimental phase and hopes to improve her current procedure. However, at this stage she is quite satisfied with the first quilt block coloured based on her Autumn Leaves colour scheme:

Colour Dreams #patchwork #aninspirationaday #colour

The block is called "Pipes" and was/is part of our Patchwork Puzzle THREE - Mysterious 7 series which has been finalized recently.

Being asymmetrical, the Pipes block offers a wonderful playground for serious symmetry junkies. Come back in a few days to see which quilt layouts made it into Jutta's final selection!