Colour Dreams - The Autumn Leaves Story Continues

Colour Dreams #patchwork #aninspirationaday #colour

It started out as a little playing around on Jutta's telephone. Now the "story" auf the Autumn Leaves photo takes up speed - the fabric for the quilt project "Autumn Leaves" have been purchased!

Also the overall layout of the quilt is undergoing serious changes in Jutta's mind: the border solution will very likely be different to the solution in her first sketches. She is currently thinking of placing the block area in an asymmetrical frame using some elements of the blocks to let the pattern "fade out" towards the edges of the quilt...

Colour Dreams #patchwork #aninspirationaday #colour

Let's see how this story progresses over the next days, weeks and months! It will be intriguing to see the entire journey from its beginning once the destination is clear...

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