Colour Dreams - Color Grab meets EQ8

Colour Dreams #patchwork #aninspirationaday #colour

Over the last weeks, we have occasionally shared results from Jutta's new "playground" - the Colour Dreams quilt designs. If you haven't seen these previous posts, please go to "Colour Dreams - Autumn Leaves" which is the first "chapter" in this adventurous colour experiment.

Now there is some progress - we are pleased to invite you to follow our tutorial showing how to combine results from the app "Color Grab" with the patchwork design software EQ8.

To benefit from this tutorial, you need the app Color Grab (sorry, only for Android phones!) installed on your mobile phone, EQ8 installed on your computer and basic EQ8 knowledge. Calling up the tutorial, you are asked to register with your name and e-mail address. Please also consider favourably to sign up for our newsletter - we would love to welcome you in our growing community!

Direct link to the free tutorial "Color Grab & EQ8"

Should you have any questions, please let us know!

Colour Dreams #patchwork #aninspirationaday #colour

Jutta's latest find - dead plants waiting for the next spring...

... and the quilt with fabrics from the EQ8 libraries close to the colours from the photo above:

Colour Dreams #patchwork #aninspirationaday #colour