Community Guidelines

We would like Quilt around the World to be a friendly, respectful and non-offensive place that offers all our members maximum freedom for expression of thoughts, opinions, ideas and suggestions.
We thank all our Quilt around the World members in advance for your thoughtful and conscious adherence to our five basic community guidelines listed below as you interact with your fellow community members:

1. Respect and value each other

Our Quilt around the World network is made up of real people just like you. Keep this in mind and act as you would act around real people in real social situations outside the internet. Watch what you say and how you say it and try to explain yourself clearly. Always treat your fellow members, their work and personal contributions with respect and tolerance.
We will neither tolerate violent, discriminating, racist, sexist, hateful, pornographic, religious, political or other "off topic" postings nor inappropriate, offensive or abusive language. Any disrespectful or provocative content will be deleted. We at Quilt around the World also reserve our right to exclude persistent abusers from participating in networking forums or terminate their membership.
On a personal note: Since the majority of our Quilt around the World members are women, we ask that you understand why we usually use the female form in our articles. It makes writing and reading easier and is not supposed to make any of our valued male members feel discriminated against.

2. Pay attention to language and cultural issues

Quilt around the World spans the globe and brings together quilters from different countries and backgrounds. Keep in mind that language, culture and humour may have different points of reference from your own. Be especially careful with sarcasm and jokes unless the meaning is very clear. Consider using emoticons to express yourself and your intentions and to set the right tone in your online conversation.

3. Obey copyright laws

Respect the copyright on any material that you reproduce. Don't use other people's photos without permission or publish any content to which you have no rights.

4. Keep personal information as private as possible

Since personal data can easily be misused through the internet, be careful when posting personal or private information in blogs, forums or your public profile on Quilt around the World. Your privacy should be protected at all times. Don't use full names in threads and don't share personal e-mail addresses, phone numbers, home addresses, etc. in forums and blogs.
Also respect the privacy of other community members. Don't give out personal information about someone else and don't forward e-mails without permission. If you want to exchange private information with other community members, do it via private messaging, not in a public thread for all to see.
Create a strong password of at least eight characters including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Don't give out your password and always log out completely when leaving Quilt around the World, especially if you use a public or shared computer.

5. Don't send SPAM or aggressive advertising

Don't post or send unsolicited e-mails and aggressive advertising messages to other Quilt around the World community members.
Don't write chain letters. If you ever receive one, notify