Derry's 2nd Quilt

Derry's 2nd Quilt

This beautiful and truly majestic quilt is actually Derry's 2nd IBS quilt. She very generously agreed to make one more set of blocks to help complete our last IBS1 team. Derry very cleverly set the blocks on point, added one block of her own to complete this 13 block layout. The sashing is a colourful and not so subtle allusion to the Union Jack...

Derry on her IBS experience:

This quilt conmemorates the year 2012 for me. There is a crown for the Queen's Jubilee, the Olympic Rings and two wedding rings for Christopher, my son, and Georgina, my now daughter-in-law. I handquilted these motifs, along with the year 2012, into the white corner triangles of the quilt centre.

And here you can see Derry's quilt:

Derry's 2nd Quilt

Here are the links to the blocks used in this quilt:

Johann's second block

Heike's block

Angelika's second block

Martina P's block

Block added by Derry (not an IBS1 block)

Barbara D's block

Anja's block

Joanne's first block

Derry's second block

Manuela's block

Elisabeth's block

Uschi R's block

Gabriela's block