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This is a listing of past events.

Great Northern Quilt Show, Harrogate (UK)

Open competitive quilt show held in Harrogate in Yorkshire with quilts from all over the world. Incorporating the Great Northern Needlecraft Show.

Special theme: Medallion

4. September 2015 (All day) - 6. September 2015 (All day)
Traef, Roskilde (DK)

Traef is the Danish Quilt Guild's annual meeting and offers quilt exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations and a vendor's mall. In 2015, it will be held in Roskilde.

29. August 2015 (All day) - 30. August 2015 (All day)
Bath Textile Summer School, Bath (UK)

The Holburne Museum and the Bath Literary and Scientific Institute in Bath, England, will house the 2nd Bath Textile Summer School offering several workshops in textile techniques, e. g. felting, Jacobean embroidery, stumpwork and much more.

17. August 2015 (All day) - 22. August 2015 (All day)
World Quilt Show New England XIII, Manchester (USA)

The New England quilt festival held in Manchester in New Hamphire in the USA is one of the most internationally diverse events of its kind in the world of quilting and the textile arts. You will find a huge quilt show, workshops, lectures and a vendors' mall.

13. August 2015 (All day) - 16. August 2015 (All day)
Festival of Quilts, Birmingham (UK)

"The leading quilt show in Europe" in Birmingham, England (UK) with a host of gallery exhibitions from international artists and groups. Hundreds of vendors will sell patchwork and quilting supplies and close to 200 masterclasses, workshops and lectures will be held.

6. August 2015 (All day) - 9. August 2015 (All day)
*Ludlow Quilters' Exhibition, Ludlow (UK)

The Ludlow Quilters' next exhibition will take place end of July 2015.

We are very happy and very honoured to be asked to show the IBS2 community quilt "Water for the World" at this show! Do come and visit is there!

25. July 2015 (All day) - 26. July 2015 (All day)
Auer Dult (Jakobidult), Munich (DE) Auer Dult (Jakobidult), Munich (DE)

A traditional market going back to the 14th century and held three times a year. Here you can buy crockery, spices, old and antique books, antique linen and much, much more.

One of our favourite spots in Munich and always a source of inspiration!

25. July 2015 (All day) - 2. August 2015 (All day)
Weavers’ Market Haslach (AT) Weavers’ Market Haslach (AT)

The Weavers’ Market is a well established part of “Textile Kultur Haslach” (Textile Culture Haslach), an event held annually since 1991 during the last two weeks in July....

25. July 2015 (All day) - 26. July 2015 (All day)
Maine Quilts, Augusta (US)

Large quilt show in Augusta, Maine in the USA, with over 600 quilts, several workshops, a merchants mall, lectures, demonstrations etc.

24. July 2015 (All day) - 26. July 2015 (All day)
Quilting by the Lake, Syracuse (US)**

Quilt Classes - Quilt Show - Vendors - Lectures

Offering numerous quilting & fiber art classes & workshops in quilt design & techniques for traditional and art quilters at all levels of experience.

19. July 2015 (All day) - 31. July 2015 (All day)