Heidemarie Mönkemeyer

Heidemarie Mönkemeyer

Heidemarie Mönkemeyer is not a stranger to us here at Quilt around the World - after all, she participated in our first International Block Swap. Her IBS1 block apart, Heidemarie  doesn‘t see herself as a quilter but took part in IBS1 because she found the idea so interesting.

Through her textile pieces, Heidemarie tells stories from history - mostly of nameless women who lived and worked many decades ago and remained without any track record in the "big picture". But it is not only with needle, thread and fabric that Heide Mönkemeyer tells her stories. Her textile works aside, she also writes poems. This love of language is visible in her embroidery with frequent literary references.

You can contact Heidemarie Moenkemeyer through her website:


Embroidery is seen as a classical female handicraft by many people and is often held in low esteem. How would you characterize your work?

Heide: I only do free embroidery. I don‘t see my work as classical handicraft. I don‘t like cross stitch or any counted embroidery at all, probably because it reminds me of the horrible handicraft classes at school. On the other hand, I do feel part of the tradition when I am embroidering. Perhaps it‘s more a mental bond. In times gone by, women sat just like I am sitting today putting stitch after stitch onto a textile base. Personally, I don‘t feel tied to any stitch length or yarn thickness or needle size! Even within one piece, I act  independently of conventions, whether real or imagined.

Verwobene Leichtigkeit Verwobene Leichtigkeit

Read the entire interview in Heidemarie Mönkemeyer's book "Word and Thread" available in our webshop: