IBS1 Travelling Exhibition - Last Curtain

IBS1 Travelling Exhibition - Last Curtain

As you might have read in our last newsletter, we celebrated the grand finale of our

IBS1 Traveling Exhibition at the Nadelwelt 2014

in Karlsruhe, Germany, from May 23 – 25, 2014.

The show was great and we enjoyed it enormously. Lots of visitors came to our beautiful gallery and admired the IBS1 quilts.

We would like to thank the organizers of the show, the Partner MedienWerkstatt and their managing director, Mr. Peter Pfeiffer, for inviting us to the Nadelwelt 2014. Our special thanks go to Jasmin Eisenbeiser, Andrea Bürgel and their team at the show for their warm welcome and great support.

Below we included a few pictures to give you some impressions of the venue and the exhibition space.

Nadelwelt - Fahne

Messe Karlsruhe


We felt very welcome and not only because of the giant billboard above our heads!

Empty Gallery

The gallery with all the work still to be done...

Jutta hanging June's Quilt

Hanging quilts is hard work, but we have had so much practice at the other destinations of the IBS1 Travelling Exhibition that everything ran smoothly. As you can see from the picture above (Jutta hanging June de Groot's quilt), we also had a lot of fun!

Happy faces

As so often with projects at Quilt around the World, the last stages of making the Gernan version of the IBS1 book were hectic and stressful. Sending off the file to the printer added considerably to Jutta's stress level - would the book come out alright or would we have to throw all the copies away and be empty handed at the Nadelwelt? We had to have the books delivered directly to Karlsruhe. The picture above shows two happy and very relieved faces - apart from a few minor issues, we are indeed quite satisfied with the outcome!

Interesting Chair

You might well ask why we included a picture of an empty chair. If you look closely you can see why! It could easily pass for a work of art - the velvety cover returns almost photo-realistic imprints of your behind! Ahhh, what possibilities... ;-)

And then, on Friday, the show was opened:

People milling about

More people

Even more people

And still more people

And here they are again: the protagonists of "our" show at the Nadelwelt (in alphabetical order of the quilters' first names):

Anke & Tití Calzada Anke & Tití Calzada (Germany and Argentina)

Barbara AlbrechtBarbara Albrecht (Germany)

Brunhilde Zöhrer Brunhilde Zöhrer (Germany)

Christina Wetzel Christina Wetzel (Germany)

Cindy Burns Cindy Burns (USA)

Dawn Burchett Dawn Burchett (USA)

Derry Godden Derry Godden (UK)

Elke Sick Elke Sick (Germany)

Jarmila Bachova Jarmila Bachova (Slovakia)

Joan Levin Joan Levin (USA)

June de Groot June de Groot (Canada)

Lubica Kova Lubica Kova (Slovakia)

Maria Laubenbacher Maria Laubenbacher (Germany)

Marion Guimaraes Marion Guimaraes (Brazil)

Michaela Mosmüller Michaela Mosmüller (Austria)

Monika Klebesits Monika Klebesits (Austria)

Teresa Vila Teresa Vila (Spain)

Yukiko Nakagawa 1Yukiko Nakagawa 2Yukiko Nakagawa (Japan)

And suddenly, it was over! Practice makes, if not perfect, than at least better and in an hour, everything was packed again and ready to go home with us:

Game over

And this was the IBS1 Travelling Exhibition! We loved travelling with the quilts and we loved every single destination! The next big task is to get the quilts back safely to their owners which will hopefully be done by the end of June at the very, very latest.

Beyond Borders – The IBS1 Block Book


While the quilts had their grande finale, the German version of the IBS1 Block Book "Beyond Borders" had its debut at the Nadelwelt. We are still working on the English version which should be available at the end of next week. We will keep you updated!