IBS1 Travelling Exhibition - looking back...

IBS Travelling Exhibition

We will always look back on the year 2013 as the year "when we did the IBS1 Travelling Exhibition". The IBS1 Travelling Exhibition, or as it has turned out, the first part of the IBS1 Travelling Exhibition, was a great and unique experience for the Quilt around the World team.

As the entire enterprise was instigated by a coincidental suggestion by a dear friend (Inge who not only participated in IBS1, but is also a faithful and very agreeable travel companion in our "Quilt Time Travel" trips), we would never have dreamt at the end of 2012 that we would look back on five locations, one more exciting and welcoming than the other.

But one thing after the other.


The first location the quilts travelled to, was the Baltimore Heritage Quilters' Quilt Expo in Baltimore, USA, on 16 and 17 March 2013, a show which is held biannually. Joan, who had the initial idea to organize an international block swap, and Jutta had started to joke around some time in the end of 2012 that it would be indeed a cool thing if the IBS1 quilts could be shown at this event. After all, a meeting with the Baltimore Heritage Quilters' Guild in 2006 organized by Joan was the real starting point of IBS1.

Joan kindly received Jutta and her two large suitcases full of quilts into her house. She introduced her to the lovely ladies of the Baltimore Heritage Quilters Guild and generally acted as aide de camp to Jutta who previously had no idea how a quilt exhibition would be set up by an American quilt guild.

A big thank you goes to the Balitmore Heritage Quilters, not only for kindly inviting us to their show, but also for being so complimentary about the quilts!

You will gain some insights into the professionalism through the pictures in the three  reports Jutta sent from Baltimore:

Quilt Expo 2013 and the IBS1 Quilts (1)

Quilt Expo 2013 and the IBS1 Quilts (2)

Quilt Expo 2013 and the IBS1 Quilts (3)


The next big adventure both for the quilts and for the Quilt around the World team was the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England from 8 August till 11 August 2013. We are very grateful to Twisted Thread and a little proud that we were given the opportunity to show 17 IBS1 quilts to the ca. 40,000 visitors who visit the Festival of Quilts each year.

The excitement began long before we actually arrived in Birmingham on the Wednesday before the show would start.  Previously, "curating" our own gallery had not really been a part of our job description, but you learn when you have to, don't you... Packing the quilts into two large boxes making sure that everything had proper labels was both fun and suspenseful - would the quilts entrusted to us arrive safely?

Here you can see a few pictures of Anke, Jutta and Johann packing the quilts:

Quilts on tour again...

Our gallery at the Festival of Quilts looked wonderful and our hearts beat at a fairly lively beat when the first quilters came looking at the IBS1 quilts. We are very, very happy to say that everybody was most interested and appreciative of the work the IBS1 participants had done. It was lovely to see quilts from the same swap teams and from all over the world hang side by side and wonder again and again how the same set of blocks could produce so many very beautifully different quilts!

Festival of Quilts - The IBS1 Gallery

Over the summer, we had time to draw a little breath before September came with a total of three (!) quilt shows:


The first September event, the Patchwork and Textilmarkt on 8 September 2013, was held in Erding, a small market town in the Greater Munich  area. The Patchwork und Textilmarkt Erding is a medium sized quilt event which is held in March and September every year at the Stadthalle Erding. We were graciously given the entire basement to spread out what would now be a total of 19 IBS1 quilts to be shown to the event's visitors.

The ample space allowed us to hang the quilts beautifully as you can see in the picture gallery:

Patchwork and Textilmarkt Erding September 2013 - The IBS1 Gallery


Only two weeks later, from 20 until 22 September 2013, the quilts travelled to Austria with Johann and Jutta to be shown at the event "LandHausLeben" at Schloss (Castle) Haindorf in Langenlois which is located ca. 1 hour northwest of Vienna. As the event was not only about patchwork and quilting, but mainly about home decorating, clothing and soft furnishing, there were many non-quilters admiring the quilts and the quilting. It is always interesting talking to non-quilters about patchwork because they ask questions we don't really think about any more!

The patchwork part of the LandHausLeben event was organized by Brigitte Cerny, IBS1 participant and owner of Stoffzauberei in Zöbing, Austria.

Again the number of quilts increased as you can see in the picture gallery:

LandHausLeben Langenlois September 2013 - The IBS1 Gallery


The very next weekend marked the final (or so we thought!) destination of the IBS1 Travelling Exhibition - beautiful Schotten on the Vogelsberg in the Greater Frankfurt area. From 26 until 29 September 2013, the quilt guild Schotten celebrated their 2013 show and had asked us very early on whether we would consider showing the IBS1 quilts there. Three of the Schotten ladies had participated in IBS1 so it was only one tiny step further to present the IBS1 quilts at their quilt guild's show.

As you can see in the picture gallery, the exhibition space in Schotten is a beautiful community centre complete with stage and balconies all around which allow spectacular views:

Patchworkgruppe Schotten, September 2013 - The IBS1 Gallery

If you are interested to see more quilts and blocks resulting from IBS1, we invite you to have a look at the

The IBS1 Quilt Gallery


The IBS1 Block Gallery.

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To our very big surprise and great honour, we were once more invited to show the IBS1 quilts at the Nadelwelt 2014 from 23 until 25 May in Karlsruhe.The Nadelwelt has grown over the years into one of the biggest shows in Germany. We are looking forward once more to showing ca. 20 IBS1 quilts there!

Do come and visit us there...

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