IBS2 Book: Water for the World...

The IBS2 Book: Water for the World...

We are very proud to announce the book publication "Water for the World - IBS2 Quilts on Tour" which will accompany the IBS2 Travelling Exhibition.

The book contains all quilts which are part of the IBS2 Travelling Exhibition. All IBS2 blocks and their makers are represented as there is at least one quilt from each IBS2 team in the book.

The book has 136 pages and 45 quilt pictures printed in colour on glossy paper. All texts are printed in English and in German.

Water for the World

The book can be ordered through book shops in many countries around the world (ISBN 9783734790706 ) and directly from our webshop: 


For every copy sold directly from Quilt around the World, we will donate 1 Euro to Doctors without Borders.

And there is a little "Behind the Scenes" to tell as well:

As usual at Quilt around the World, the finalization of the IBS2 book was very much a last minute activity. Everything seemed in time for the exhibition in Karlsruhe from 15 - 17 May. But then, the Friday before the show, some hick-up happened in the printer's logistics. We actually had to wait until Wednesday, the day we left for Karlsruhe, for the delivery of the books! Jutta has refused to be parted with the first copy she took from one of the boxes - and she is collecting signatures from ALL IBS2 participants. So be prepared to sign your name in her book whenever you meet her!