IBS2 Travelling Exhibition: The Ludlow Quilters' Show

IBS2 Travelling Exhibition: The Ludlow Quilters' Show

Shortly after the swapping event of IBS2, we received a friendly e-mail from Murri, one of the participants asking us whether we could imagine to show the community quilt "Water for the World" at the Ludlow quilters' 2015 show. We had a look at the map, found an international airport "close by" and wrote back that we would be delighted.

And the trip turned out to be delightful from the beginning to the end - especially when Johann and Jutta happily found out that the hotel they had booked at Ludlow had held their room available although they arrived at 1 am in the morning!

Ludlow is a lovely destination not that far away from the Welsh border and ca. 1.5 hours drive from Birmingham. It is famous for its restaurants and food festivals and it also offers a magnificent castle ruin with plenty of extremely attractive photo opportunities for the avid seeker of culture.

So in the end of July 2015, the Ludlow quilting ladies welcomed us with open arms and with lots of "assistant personnel" to help with setting up the Water for the World panels which, for the first time ever, could be displayed in their entirety!

Quilt show today

The banner at the entrance to the college where the Ludlow quilt show was held

As it turned out, by again throwing most of the panels on the floor, our "Ludlow Seascape Installation" was set up so quickly that we had great fun adorning the panels with wonderful props provided by Murri and some other Ludlow quilters. But see for yourself:

The Ludlow Seascape

The Ludlow Seascape

We were thrilled and not a little surprised that everybody was so complimentary about the Water for the World quilt, the individual blocks and the IBS idea in general. Lots of people wanted to know details and also to have a look at the (small) selection of IBS2 quilts made by participants which we had brought. Whenever people indicated interest, we did a short and spontaneous "Show & Tell" with a lot of telling - aren't there more than enough stories to relate about the participants, the blocks and the countries they came from?

Show biz

As usual, we also had a visitor from the IBS2 family: Veronica Frost who was part of the group who contributed the wonderful showerhead block (team Argentine Sea) came to see us and show us her group's quilt:

Veronica Frost

Just in case you are now asking yourself whether we would also visit your quilt group's show and bring the Water for the World panels:

The answer is a definite YES! with some qualifiers:

  • You need to ask us well in advance as these trips have to be organized around our (daylight) job schedules and the needs of two-legged and four-legged family members.
  • It is a big plus if the destination is within the European Union.
  • If we have to hop on an airplane to reach you within a reasonable time span, you will need to assist us with setting up our part of the show.

Just e-mail us - we'll work something out!