IBS2 Travelling Exhibition: Nadelwelt 2015 in Karlsruhe, Germany

IBS2 Travelling Exhibition: Nadelwelt 2015 in Karlsruhe, Germany



IBS2 Quilts on Tour....

We celebrated our big Germany premiere of our International IBS2 travelling exhibition with the motto "Water - our most important elixir of life" at the Nadelwelt 2015 in Karlsruhe from 15 May until 17 May 2015. "Big" is to be taken literally in this case, because the organizers of the fair provided us - to our great surprise and delight - with an enormous gallery space in the center of the exhibitors' hall. With 85 meters we had plenty of space to present the 47 submitted water quilts sewn by our participants from all over the world. From each of the 19 IBS2 swap teams, we had at least one finished quilt to hang. So actually all 171 participating block designs could be admired in our exhibition.


Impressions from the Nadelwelt

Packed to full capacity, we headed towards Karlsruhe two days before the quilt festival. The picture has a blue tint because we left far too late... 


The Messe Karlsruhe has very modern and airy exhibition spaces with lots of natural light.

Messe Karlsruhe  Gallery space

When we arrived at our gallery space, the unloading started. This time, we were lucky and could even bring our car right to our gallery.

car in the gallery   rods


At Work - Anke + Jutta  At Work - Jutta + Johann


Gallery Impressions

Gallery Impressions


Blue seems to be the favorite color of many quilters and the diverse water motives attracted countless interested visitors to our gallery during the three exhibition days. Fascinated, they stood in front of the small and large masterpieces, discussed the creative ideas and admired up close the details of the hand- und machinequilted works.


Team Mediterranean   Team The Channel

Team Mediterranean                                                  Team The Channel


"Water for the World" Community Quilt

Since, for organisational reasons, it was not possible to hang the "Water for the World" community quilt in the shape of a waterfall from the hall ceiling, Jutta had the spontaneous idea to create a water landscape using 10 of the 23 wave panels. Unfortunately, we didn't have the space to display all of them. The inviting Caribbean beach scene with palm tree, deck chair and fresh coconuts was an absolute crowd puller.

IBS2 Water Landscape  The Stand


Thanks to our exhibition catalog (which we finished in the very last minute before the show!) with photos of all the participating IBS2 water quilts, the visitors could take their impressions from the Nadelwelt exhibition back home as an inspiration for their own water quilt projects. By the way, you can also purchase the book in our web shop

IBS2 Book         


Launch of the 3rd International Block Swap

We spent wonderful days at the Nadelwelt 2015, rejoiced over numerous visits of quilters who had already taken part in one of our past international quilt projects. Some IBS participants finally got to know each other in person. The atmosphere at our booth was almost a bit like a class reunion ...

At the same time, we were also busy promoting our new community project: the 3rd International Block Swap, this time on the subject of "In the Sun". 

We also had many interesting conversations with representatives of various international quilt guild and patchwork groups who were very interested in our worldwide activities and promised to support our future projects.

We also would like to extend our heartfelt THANK YOU to PARTNER MedienWerkstatt, the organizers of the Nadelwelt 2015 in Karlsruhe for your invitation and the perfect planning, organization and execution and your great personal support services during the days of the fair.

                        QATW Team

                                                  Jutta, Johann and Anke


The IBS2 Water Quilt Gallery

For all of you who couldn't come to our Nadelwelt exhibition, here are photos of all participating IBS2 water quilts:

IBS2 Elvira Hübner   IBS2 Anke Calzada

Elvira Hübner                                         Anke Calzada


IBS2 Annette Dünninger    IBS2 Asun Cahué

Annette Dünninger                                        Asun Cahué

IBS2 Quilt

Rosa María Navarro

IBS2 Bärbel Müller    IBS2 Birgit Schenzinger

Bärbel Müller                                                      Birgit Schenzinger


IBS2 Brigittte Lüthi 1   IBS2 Brigittte Lüthi 2

            2 Water Quilts designed and sewn by Brigitte Lüthi


IBS2 Carola Helm

Carola Helm

IBS2 Cordula Roth    IBS2 Cristina Grundmann de la Rosa

Cordula Roth's "Perfect Wave"                Cristina Grundmann de la Rosa


IBS2 Derry Godden

Derry Godden


IBS2 Diana Geis     IBS2 Ellen Weiß

Diana Geis                                                                  Ellen Weiß

IBS2 Fran Cunningham   IBS2 Gabriele Engelland

Fran Cunningham                                                         Gabriele Engelland


IBS2 Hannelore Drack    IBS2 Heike Irion

Hannelore Drack                                              Heike Irion


IBS2 Hella John   IBS2 Herbert Nips

Hella John                                                                               Herbert Nips



IBS2 Hitomi Morita   Hitomi Morita

IBS2 Irene Prendinger   IBS2 Joan Levin

Irene Prendinger                                                                   Joan Levin


IBS2 Jutta Wagner  IBS2 Kirsten Bodner

Jutta Wagner                                                        Kirsten Bodner

 IBS2 Kornelia Langendörfer/Monica Schmid   IBS2 Kornelia Langendörfer

Kornelia Langendörfer/Monica Schmid       another one from Kornelia Langendörfer


IBS2 Lilo Jäger 1    IBS2 Lilo Jäger 2

           2 water quilts designed and sewn by Lilo Jäger


IBS2 Luise Nigge   IBS2 Lynn Edwards

Luise Nigge                                                                  Lynn Edwards


IBS2 Maggie Vautheny   IBS2 Marianne Nips

Maggie Vautheny                                                          Marianne Nips

IBS2 Marion Guimaraes   IBS2 Michaela Mosmüller

Marion Guimaraes                                                 Michaela Mosmüller


IBS2 Monika Klebesits   IBS2 Natalie Blum

Monika Klebesits                                                    Natalie Blum


IBS2 Sabine Frank   IBS2 Solange Madeleine

 Sabine Frank                                                              Solange Madeleine

IBS2 Susanne Laurisch

Susanne Laurisch's "Octopussy's Garden"


IBS2 Tanya Bohlke   IBS2 Terri Morris Jones

Tanya Bohlke                                                             Terri Morris Jones


IBS2 Ulrike Oemisch   IBS2 Ursula Brenner

Ulrike Oemisch                                                                Ursula Brenner