IBS2 Travelling Exhibition: Quilt Expo 2015 in Baltimore

IBS2 Travelling Exhibition: Quilt Expo 2015 in Baltimore

We were thrilled to bits when the Baltimore Heritage Quilters' Guild invited us to again to show quilts from one of our projects - this time the blue water quilts from IBS2 travelled over the Atlantic in Jutta's suitcase to be shown at the 2015 Quilt Expo in Goucher College in the Greater Baltimore area.

The efficiency of the hanging process never fails to astonish us - every tiny detail is organized perfectly and EVERYTHING runs so smoothly that you would think that the BHQG ladies organize a quilt show with nearly 300 quilts every weekend.


The entrance to the gym of Goucher College where the Quilt Expo is held every other year

The booths assigned to the IBS2 quilts were located right in the middle of everything. The IBS2 quilts were very much admired by the visitors and we hope that many of them will indeed join IBS3!



The two booths assigned to the IBS2 quilts. In the background you can see the world map which we had already used in 2013. All participating countries were marked with pins and the show's visitors were quite impressed to see quilts and blocks which had travelled from all over the world to be shown in at the Quilt Expo 2015!


The first booth...

... with the following quilts (clockwise from the left):


Natalie Blum, USA (Team Mediterranean)


Joan Levin, USA (Team Barents Sea)


Anke Calzada, Germany (Team Gulf of Guinea)


Marion Guimaraes, Brazil (Team North Sea)


Diana Geis, USA (Team Atlantic)


... and the second booth...

... with the following quilts:


Susanne Laurisch, Germany (Team Bering Sea)


Derry Godden, UK (Team Barents Sea)


Jeanne Delozier, USA (Team Coral Sea)


... and Michaela Mosmüller's quilt "Caribbean Feeling" (Team Atlantic) hanging on the outside wall towards the aisle.

A big thank you goes to the Baltimore Heritage Quilters' Guild for welcoming us again! And a very special thank you to Joan Levin - without you, the International Block Swaps would never have happened!