IBS2 Travelling Exhibition: Quilt-OPEN-house, Purgstall, Austria

IBS2 Travelling Exhibition: Quilt-OPEN-house, Purgstall, Austria

After the Nadelwelt in Karlsruhe, an adventure of a very different kind awaited the IBS2 quilts and us in in the middle of June 2015. It wouldn't be a big quilt show this time, but a quilt exhibition just for the IBS2 quilts - very kindly supported by Angelika Steinböck of Quilthouse in Purgstall, Austria.

The idea for this event started some time ago when we were mapping out the itinerary of the IBS2 Travelling Exhibition. Of course we wanted to go to Austria - it is one of Quilt around the World's "home countries" after all and there has always been strong support for Quilt around the World activities from Austrian quilters. So we discussed the possibilities in Purgstall with Angelika who managed to find us a suitable venue through her many local contacts: a former super market in a building waiting to be remodeled!

While not the typical place to hang a quilt exhibition, the size and the logistics of the room turned out to be perfect for the IBS2 quilts. We are very grateful to Walter Brandhofer of Bauer Brandhofer Architekten (www.bbarch.at) to allow us to use their premises.

Purgstall Setting up

Setting up an exhibition becomes easier each time, but still there was the usual writing of lists...

Jutta writing lists

We were very happy to find a sturdy grid on the ceiling which made setting up surprisingly easy. We only had to cut equal lengths of string which we used to attach the rods with the quilts to the ceiling!

Hanging quilts

Like this we were able to use even the centre of the space as hanging area:

Hanging the Kimono

So before we show you each individual quilt/object, here is the "Grand Tour" of the Purgstall exhibition space.

First, our visitors had to get past the "front desk" with the growing number of Quilt around the World publications...

Grand Tour Start

... and then they were free to wander around and admire the water masterpieces:

Grand Tour 01

Grand Tour 02

Grand Tour 03

If you look closely, you will see that on this wall two quilts are missing. The German postal services were seriously on strike in the beginning of June and so unfortunately, four Swiss quilts didn't reach us in time for the Purgstall exhibition.

Grand Tour 04

Grand Tour 04a

Grand Tour 05

Grand Tour 06


As always, quilts made by IBS participants get preference over the community quilt and so again, we could only hang a small part of the 23 panels:

Panele 01

Panele 02

IBS exhibitions are almost like birthday parties and what does a party need? Visitors! So here they are:

Michi Michi in front of her Carribbean Feeling

Fleckerhexen Fleckerhexen with their still unfinished top (they joined in to make two block packages - one for one of the late comer teams)

Hannelore Hannelore with her contribution to the Team Mediterranean

And here all the IBS2 quilts and objects which were on show in Purgstall:

Diana Geis Diana Geis (USA)

Michi Mosmüller Michaela Mosmüller (AT)

Jutta Wagner Jutta Wagner (DE)

Hella John Hella John (DE)

Monika Klebesits Monika Klebesits (AT)

Ulrike Oemisch Ulrike Oemisch (DE)

Marion Guimaraes Marion Guimaraes (BR)

Gabriele Engelland Gabriele Engelland (DE)

Elvira Hübner Elvira Hübner (DE)

Susanne Laurisch Susanne Laurisch (DE)

Tanya Bohlke Tanya Bohlke (USA)

Annette Dünninger Annette Dünninger (DE)

Kirsten Bodner Kirsten Bodner (DE)

Carola Helm Carola Helm (DE)

Marianne Nips Marianne Nips (DE)

Herbert Nips Herbert Nips (DE)

Anke Calzada Anke Calzada (DE)

Heike Irion Heike Irion (DE)

Langendörfer-Schmid Kornelia Langendörfer (DE) - Monica Schmid (USA)

Sabine Frank Sabine Frank (DE)

Lynn Edwards Lynn Edwards (USA)

Luise Nigge Luise Nigge (DE)

Ursula Brenner Ursula Brenner (DE)

Birgit Schenzinger Birgit Schenzinger (DE)

Maggie Vautheny Maggie Vautheny (UK)

Cristina Grundmann de la Rosa Christina Grundmann de la Rosa (ES)

Bärbel Müller Bärbel Müller (DE)

Hannelore Drack Hannelore Drack (AT)

Kornelia Langendörfer Kornelia Langendörfer (DE)

Natalie Blum Natalie Blum (USA)

Solange Madelaine (FR) Solange Madelaine (FR)

Hitomi Morita Hitomi Morita (JP)

Cordula Roth Cordula Roth (DE)

Ellen Weiß Ellen Weiß (DE)

Joan Levin Joan Leivn (USA)

Derry Godden Derry Godden (UK)

Asun Cauhe Asun Cauhe (ES)

Terri Morris Jones Terri Morris Jones (USA)

Irene Prendinger Irene Prendinger (AT)

Rosa Maria Navarro Rosa Maria Navarro (ES)

Michaela Mosmüller Michaela Mosmüller (AT)

What a rare occasion to take a picture of a quilted object actually used at it should be be the maker herself... ;-)

Michi auf dem Würfel

PS: For all of you who think that "poor Johann" always has to accompany Jutta to all these exhibitions and help her hanging the quilts, here some proof that he really enjoys himself before, during and even after the shows: