IBS3 Travelling Exhibition - Erding

IBS3 Blocks

The patchwork fair at the Stadthalle Erding near Munich, which takes place every year on the first weekend in September, is almost like an in-house exhibition for us at Quilt around the World. Several times we have been invited to present our textile installations and decorate the walls in the basement with many small and large works of art crafted by our participants.




This year's IBS3 travelling exhibition "In the Sun" included more than 80 quilts and of course we wanted to show as many works as possible in Erding; thus, we had an appointment with the organizers already in July to measure our exhibition space again and to discuss display options for our "solar system" installation.


In two teams we worked together very efficiently and within just a few hours we were done with hanging and aligning the many quilts, placing labels and posters, setting up and decorating the large tables with IBS4 flyers and stacks of catalogues and books.


Now it was time to the inflate the huge suns, which Jutta and Johann had made with the donated sun blocks of our participants. Of course, you have to blow latex balloons of 80 cm diameter with an electrically operated pump. So far so good. But for the knot true muscle power and a lot of prestidigitation was needed. However, it turned out to be even more difficult to untie the knots after the exhibition in order to get the suns back into a transportable, foldable state - without destroying the expensive balloons. Luckily, we have found a really practical solution in the meantime: reusable valves...




The day of the exhibition started quite cool and very rainy. In addition, it was the last holiday weekend in Bavaria. Would still some visitors come to our exhibition? We were very surprised how many enthusiastic quilters with their families found their way to us. Everyone was visibly happy to see our  summery, colorful sun quilts and were very interested in our new international participation - the IBS4 on "Back to Nature"!

We also spontaneously included our lovely neighbours, the "living workshop" of the association ArtTextil (www.arttextil.de) from Dachau, into our exhibition. They sat in the middle of our sunny quilts and presented different textile techniques ...

The Patchworkmesse Erding was once again a wonderful experience for us and we would like to thank the organizers of the Stadthalle Erding for their invitation!