IBS3 Travelling Exhibition - Nadelwelt Karlsruhe

IBS3 Blocks

In May, we participated in the Nadelwelt exhibition in Karlsruhe for the 4th time.By now, we luckily have already a certain routine when it comes to planning, organizing and packing the cars. Five large oversized suitcases and several huge bags containing more than 80 sun quilts, plus a stepladder, wooden rods (including a drill, saw and a complete tool-kit to customize the hanging rods), hooks and cords, quilt labels and info posters, boxes with our book publications and info materials, a lounge chair, a standing desk and many more vital and useful things for the exhibition stand had to be stowed. For us, it’s always like moving…!

Our 6-meter-long "Where do you come from?" community quilt, which was previously seen only at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, also travelled with us to Karlsruhe this time and celebrated its premiere in Germany at the Nadelwelt.

NW Aufbau

Work in progress in our gallery....

....until we were done!

The mounting of the IBS3 sun quilts went absolutely smoothly. Since we already knew the dimensions of our gallery, we were able to plan in advance which quilts could be hung on which wall. However, selecting the quilts was our biggest challenge. Of course, we wanted to display as many quilts as possible, but at least one from each team, so that all participants were represented with their block.

Here are some photos of our gallery:

Solar System I   IBS3 Galerie 1


IBS3 Galerie 3   IBS3 Galerie 2

Our team was really relaxed and in a good mood, when we suddenly realized that one of the big bags was missing. In this bag were the small IBS3 exhibits: some textile books, a leporello, and the nine mini-books that were to be attached to Anke's sundial with magnets. Were were inpanic. Where was the bag? A call in Munich quickly brought clarity - we had forgotten it in our office. No problem. That’s a job for an express courier with overnight service. We were guaranteed delivery until Friday morning, so still in time for the exhibition. We were relieved. At this point, we did not know, however, that the parcel would make a veritable odyssey through half of Germany and arrive in Karlsruhe only after the end of the Nadelwelt ...

So, after all the excitement, we continued with our "Where do you come from?” community quilt. Thankfully, we had an extra-long wall in one passage as additional exhibition space. The mounting of the quilt was again an exciting experience for us, because we had never hung this huge piece ourselves before. But together we managed to fix it with several rods and hooks onto the movable wall and align it exactly so that the quilt hung beautifully straight. That’s not a matter of course for a quilt of this size. It really fit perfectly but there was no more space for information posters and the title banner the Nadelwelt had prepared for our exhibition. Our 6-meter-long master piece really does break all dimensions...


For a brief moment, we became quite emotional and were proud of our impressive masterpiece, which had been crafted by a total of 83 quilters from 22 nations, and had already been awarded as "Highly Commended"  by the international jury at the prestigious Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in 2016.



As soon as the entrances to the exhibition hall opened on Friday morning at 9 o'clock, countless curious and interested visitors visited our bright and sunny IBS3 gallery. Our colorful quilts made everyone happy!

Quiet moments before the exhibition opened its doors...

.... our gallery attracted many curious visitors...

Due to the fact that our exhibition space wasnt large enough to hang all the sun quilts, we hosted several well-attended "Show & Tell" presentations every day to present and explain all the quilts of our participants in their full beauty to the audience.



The feedback from the visitors was always excellent. We were also very happy to meet and get to know many IBS3 participants in person this time. There were also many "blind date" appointments and photo sessions with IBS3 team members.

We also had a lot of fun with our always cheerful gallery neighbors from Austria. The quilt group QuilTirol (www.quiltirol.at) presented recent works with very unusual interpretations on the topic "Timeless Beauty".

On a large poster (which by the way is also for sale...), we have compiled a colourful collage featuring all the 270 sun motifs designed and crafted our participants from all over the world.

IBS3 Poster

Last but not least, we  would like to thank the organizers of the Nadelwelt Karlsruhe for their professional organization and the support before, during and after the exhibition!

We are looking forward to presenting our IBS4 travelling exhibition "Back to Nature" at the Nadelwelt in 2019. We've already received the invitation ...; o)