IBS4 Block: Michaela Mosmüller, AT*

IBS4 Block: Michaela Mosmüller, AT

Name of the quilter: Michaela Mosmüller

Name of the block: At the kerbside

Country: Austria



As you know, we are always very vigilant about the privicy of our participants. In this case we will make an exception, as Michi's fans will have recognized her work anyway:

This meticulously pieced and appliquéd block was made by Michaela Mosmüller, faithful and tremendously creative supporter of Quilt around the World and a close friend for years. Michi, as she is known by family and friends, is also one of "our" authors. Her first book, Water Variations has been published recently in English after having acquired a solid fan base in the German speaking countries.

Water Variations

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