IBS4 Quilt: Almut B, DE

IBS4 Quilt: Almut B, DE

Name of the quilter: Almut B

Name of the quilt: In the Green

IBS4 team: Three-coloured Blackbird

Country: Germany

What Almut says about her quilt:

With joy and admiration, I received the beautiful blocks and greetings from the members of the team "Three-coloured Blackbird". I frequently took the blocks up, looked at them closely and set them out again and again until I had found the right place for each.

IBS4 Quilt: Almut B, DE

Each block has its own quilting pattern. I wanted to emphasize the indvidiual motifs, ideally always in respect for the maker and as closely as possible to what I imagined would be her wishes.
It was a deliberate decision to handquilt the individual blocks. This gave me more time to focus on my work and thus had many happy hours working on my IBS4 quilt. Via the quilt I was with my quilt friends far away - in thought at least - whom I would like to send my heartfelt thanks.