IBS4 Quilt: Susan S, UK

International Block Swap #patchwork #quilting #nature

Name of the quilter: Susan S

Name of the quilt: Back to Nature

IBS4 team: Tiger

Country: United Kingdom

What Susan says about her quilt:

I have at last put together my blocks for IBS4, I hope it is not too late. I was in team Tiger. My excuse for taking so long is two new grand children in 7 months. A grandson and granddaughter who we never thought we would have, so a great year.

International Block Swap #patchwork #quilting #nature

From the Quilt around the World team:

Dear Susan,

it is never too late to send in pictures from past Quilt around the World activities! We are always thrilled to get feedback from our participants, no matter whether it is a current activity or something from ten years ago! :-)

Best wishes