IBS4 - The Teams

IBS4 - The Teams

Here are the IBS4 teams!

As you know, the teams have been named after endangered species. The individual species were nominated by IBS4 participants and bei QatW team members. For technical reasons, we will shorten some of the names at other places on our website, e. g. Mountain gorilla will become simply Gorilla.


Right now, we have assigned the blocks to the teams on a preliminary basis! It very likely that the teams will change in the next few days!

Tawny owl

Wild bee

Alpine ibex

White-tailed eagle


Siberian tiger

Mountain gorilla

Bowhead whale

Eurasian lynx

Grey wolf

Monk seal

Blue whale

North-Atlantic right whale

Hopping mouse


Tri-coloured blackbird

Large copper

Hawksbill sea turtle