Jarmila's Quilt

Jarmila's Quilt

Jarmila from Slovakia added a large Mariner's Compass as central motif and created a beautiful medallion quilt with the blocks of her IBS team as a frame. She machine quilted the quilt with an incredible love for detail. Notice the names of the countries around the Mariner's Compass! And each of the IBS blocks was quilted individually - we are deeply impressed at Jarmila's masterful quilting skills!

Jarmila about her IBS experience:

Thank you all for a wonderful experience and I wish you every success in future work.

Our thanks go to you, Jarmila, for your kind words and we hope that this is not the last quilt we have seen from you!

And here you can see Jarmila's quilt:

Jarmila's Quilt

Here the links to Jarmila's IBS team (clockwise from the top left block):

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Jarmila's block

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