LandHausLeben Langenlois September 2013

Schloss Haindorf

Brigitte Cerny of Stoffzauberei, Zöbing, Austria, contacted us in autumn 2012 asking whether she could exhibit some of the IBS1 quilts at an event she was co-organizing for September 2013. The first tentative plans were already being drawn up at that stage and as our second home country, Austria naturally was high on our wish list for locations to show the quilts.

LandHausLeben  is a combination of exhibition and shopping opportunity, mainly for soft furnishings, clothing and decorative objects. A lot of visitors came and we were asked lots of very interesting questions especially from very appreciative non-quilters. Should you ever be in the area, go visit this great event - and take a big wallet with you!

Langenlois 01

... the poster greeting us all over Langenlois and directing us to...

Langenlois 02

... Schloss (Castle) Haindorf, where LandHausLeben was held...

Langenlois 03

Quilts from left to right: Michi Mosmüller (AT), Brigitte Cerny (AT), Cindy Burns (USA), Yukiko Nakagawa (JP), Dawn Burchett (USA)

... Brigitte provided a very clever hanging system which made setting up our "gallery" a piece of cake...

Langenlois 04

Quilts from left to right: Anke and Tití Calzada (DE and AR), Michi Mosmüller (AT), Maria Laubenbacher (DE), Dawn Burchett (USA, only partially visible)

Langenlois 05

Quilts from left to right: Maria Laubenbacher (DE, only partially visible), Dawn Burchett (USA), Joan Levin (USA), Jarmila Bachova (SK)

Langenlois 06

Quilts from left to right: Cindy Burns (USA), Maria Laubenbacher (DE, only partially visible), Dawn Burchett (USA, only partially visible), Joan Levin (USA)

Langenlois 07

.... lots of interested visitors...

Langenlois 08

... asking questions about patchwork and why on earth Jutta likes handquilting...

Langenlois 09

Quilts: Anke and Tití Calzada (DE and AR), Michi Mosmüller (AT)

... Johann and Jutta looking a little tired after 2 1/2 days!

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