Maria L's Quilt

Maria L's Quilt

Maria set her IBS blocks on point, added a block with an appliqued globe to be placed in the very centre of the quilt and framed everything, the blocks and the entire quilt with green fabrics. The result is fabulous!

Maria about her IBS quilt and her IBS experience:

I compare my quilt with my garden where lots of different flowers grow. Despite their difference they seem quite in harmony surrounded by grass, bushes and trees.

The women who came to my house from all the world in the shape of their blocks are surely very different which becomes obvious from the blocks. Our beautiful hobby enables us to get a long perfectly despite a few language barriers.

I will display my quilt on the wall of our entrance hall and it will always happily remind me that there are so many friendly quilters in the world. 

From the start, I was very excited about the whole IBS idea. Thanks for all your work!

Maria, we are thanking you, not only for your kind words, but above all for this wonderful contribution to the growing IBS Quilt Galery!

And here you can see Maria's quilt:

Maria L's Quilt

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