Maria N's IBS1 Quilt

Maria N's IBS1 Quilt

Maria N from Austria needed a little encouragement to actually send us the picture of her quilt. Jutta and Johann met her at one of the destinations of the IBS1 Travelling Exhibition. When they learnt that Maria N had a finished IBS1 quilt at home, they pestered her so long until she agreed to send a picture. And don't you agree that this quilt absolutely needs to be in the IBS1 quilt gallery?

Another 3 by 4 quilt layout, the dark sashings really make the blocks sing while at the same time giving a lot of calm coherence to the design.

And here you can see Maria N's quilt:

Maria N's quilt

The following blocks were used in Maria N's quilt:

Viola's block

Margret's block

Teresa's block

Elaine's block

Dawn's block

Maria N's block

Dorelies' block

Christine's block

Angelika M's 1st block

Kate's block

Ulrike's block

Jutta's block