*Marion G, Brasil: Chimarrão

Marion G, Brasil: Chimarrão

Name of the quilter: Marion G.

Name of the block: Chimarrão

Country: Brasil

Size: 12" by 9" (30 cm by 22.5 cm)

My block is a mix of where I was born and where I live with my family.

The background is "MASP-Art Museum of São Paulo", one of the most important turistic points of São Paulo City, where I have lived since 1975, about 40 years.

And the foreground is the "Chimarrão", a characteristic drink of South Brasil's region, where I was born, in Porto Alegre City.

Its benefits for health are incalculable.

For more information see http://en.wikipedia.org/Chimarrão

Marion G, Brasil: Chimarrão