Michaela's Quilt: A Quilter's World

A Quilter's World

Michaela's quilt "A Quilter's World" is an extravagant and very much "out of the box" creation which simply takes our breaths away! Since the members of her team are scattered around the globe, Michaela thought that a map in the centre of the quilt with the blocks arranged around it would be appropriate.

As pattern, Michaela used her old school atlas. With the help of a grid, Michaela enlarged the map to the desired size. Then she made a quilt pattern in original size on kraft paper to make sure that the spacing would be right.

Michaela about the work on her IBS quilt:

Looking for a matching fabric was probably the most difficult part. Since I don't dye fabric, I always try to reach my goals with commercial fabrics - a challenge which I like very much! By coincidence, I found a fabric which had the typical green-brown shading needed for a world map. Now I "only" had to piece sufficiently accurate mountains and valleys. I used fusible interfacing to appliqué the continents to the blue fabrics and machine quilted the ocean current using free motion techniques. 

I chose the format of a world map because I already process many rectangular quilts. Now I won't have cold feet watching television on a cold winter night!

And here you can see Michaela's quilt:

A Quilter's World

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