My Year of Design 2015

Sneak Preview: My Year of Design 2015

My Year of Design 2015 is over and will soon be available as book publication. Please e-mail us if you'd like to be notified when it is available.


My Year of Design 2015 is meant for all quilters of all levels. Having taken part in MYoD2014 is not a prerequisite, neither do you have to be a professional quilter or an art historian. Just be curious and join us in our creative trip back in time - another journey of thinking, designing and making.


MYoD2015 brings you four different kinds of exercises each month - two of the exercises are organised around 12 monthly themes which are loosely based on certain eras in art history. The other two exercises explore the effects of coincidence and mystery on quiltmaking and are not related to the monthly theme.

Always remember that you don‘t have to tackle all the exercises!

Do the ones that interest you and which could fit into your schedule. If time is scarce, consider stopping at the design stage and just sketching what you might make some time in the future.  

Get in the Mood

The "Get in the Mood" exercises are short and self-contained exercises. They are meant to introduce the monthly theme in a very leisurely manner leaving lots of space for playing around with design ideas without investing too much time.

Dig Deeper

"Dig Deeper" invites you to do just that - dig deeper into the main concepts, artistic developments and styles of a certain era in art history.

Each month, we will concentrate on one era without adhering to a strict chronological order.


If you‘d like to find your own path towards building your portfolio, you could just go with the guideline presented on the first page of Dig Deeper. If you‘d like to have more support, there is a second page with additional material, such as a tag cloud and a list of possible resources to use.

"Get in the Mood" and "Dig Deeper" will be published on the 1st day of each month.

Coincidence Quilt

All basic design decisions (format, layout, design elements, colours, patterns, techniques) for the Coincidence Quilt will be made by rolling a dice. Behind each face lies a design element which will dictate what is to be used in your design. There will be two possible levels of involvement - the first laying a straightforward design base, and the second offering more advanced challenges.

The objective of the Coincidence Quilt is to collect design instructions which you probably wouldn‘t have chosen yourself or - even better - seem, at first glance, to be impossible to combine. Challenges and difficult situations make us stretch and grow, in real life as in quilting!

The Coincidence Quilt will be published on the 10th day of each month.

Mystery Block Quilt

Every month, MYoD2015 will bring you somewhat mysterious instructions for a quilt block - either a traditional block or a block which a member of the Quilt around the World team has designed for you.

The objective of the Mystery Block Quilt is to invite you on a journey where the path to be travelled is not immediately visible. There is no right or wrong in the outcome and the goal is not to "guess" correctly, but to invite insecurity as a chance to create something new.

The Mystery Block Quilt exercises will be published on the 20th day of each month.