My Year of Design TWO Exhibition - Nadelwelt 2016

Nadelwelt 2016 - MYoD TWO Ulla

Here are a few impressions from the Nadelwelt 2016 in Karlsruhe, the largest and most popular exhibition and trade fair for textile art and crafts in Germany.

We presented selected works, textile experiments and studies from quilters and other textile crafters whom we had invited to embark with us on an exciting journey of thinking and making off the beaten paths of quiltmaking, to challenge themselves and their ways of working and to experience new textile adventures and surprises over the past 18 months...

Sunny weather and a cheerful organization team from PartnerMedienwerkstatt welcomed us when we arrived in Karlsruhe. It was almost like coming home!

Nadelwelt 2016 - Entrance      Nadelwelt 2016 - Entrance

This time, the setting up of our My Year of Design gallery and book shop went smoothly and we were done in just over 7 hours - unlike the year before, when we had to hang almost 50 large IBS2 water quilts and set up the water landscape featuring the wave panels of our community quilt....

Nadelwelt 2016 - Setting up the gallery      Nadelwelt 2016 - Setting up the gallery

We had a nice open gallery space next to the entrance with three lounge benches inviting tired visitors to take a break, flip through our books and have a nice chat with us....

Nadelwelt 2016 - MYoD TWO areal view      Nadelwelt 2016 - MYoD TWO

Over the course of three days, we explained our exhibition concept and the idea behind My Year of Design to countless interested visitors. We had prepared an exhibition CD including photos of all works on display and the comments of their makers. For those, who wanted to take just a shapshot of a piece or two, we granted "photography licenses" and kindly asked our visitors to donate 1€ on a voluntary basis for Doctors without Borders. We collected about 150€ in total!!!  A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who accepted our "rule of the game" and contributed for a good cause!

Nadelwelt 2016 - MYoD TWO Jutta      Nadelwelt 2016 - MYoD TWO

Ulla's impressive My Year of Design sampler quilt featuring all 18 art history chapters took center stage in our exhibition. Also Holunder's Yellow Cow was on display and attracted much interest in the quilters' community. 

Nadelwelt 2016 - MYoD TWO Ulla      Nadelwelt 2016 - MYoD TWO Katrin

On the outside of our gallery, we showed the mystery block quilts and the coincidence quilts. The Islamic Art quilts were staged next to some Japanese Ukiyo-e works. 

Nadelwelt 2016 - MYoD TWO     Nadelwelt 2016 - MYoD TWO

After three exciting, fun and busy days at the Nadelwelt, we were all very relieved, happy and  tired. Especially Jutta and Johann:

Nadelwelt 2016 - MYoD TWO Jutta and Johann

We'd like to extend our heartfelt thank you to all our quilt friends and participants, who stopped by in our gallery to say hallo, to the countless visitors, who showed their interest in our ideas and bought our workbooks and last but not least to the great team of PartnerMedienwerkstatt who had invited us again to this year's Nadelwelt and made this event a fantastic experience for us.

Jutta, Anke and Johann