MYoD-Bauhaus - Shapes all over the place - Jutta

Spheres #patchwork #bauhaus #aninspirationaday

Name of the quilter: Jutta

Name of the piece: Spheres

Name of the exercise: My Year of Design TWO - Bauhaus Special - Shapes "All over the place"


What Jutta says about this exercise:

For the My Year of Design TWO - Bauhaus Special I vowed to myself that I would actually grant myself the luxury of extensive experimenting before even thinking about a textile outcome. What came as a big surprise is how much I enjoy dabbing around with simple watercolours! It really forces me not to think about "sewability" with every design I make. At first I only concentrate on the lines, shapes and colours. Only when I think that my approach comes closer to what I would like to achieve, I switch to EQ8 to work on a more "realistic" design.

Here you can see the development of my first attempt...

Spheres Sketch 1 #patchwork #bauhaus #aninspirationaday

... the second sketch...

Spheres Sketch 2 #patchwork #bauhaus #aninspirationaday

... and the third version...

Spheres Sketch 3 #patchwork #bauhaus #aninspirationaday

... towards the first design in EQ8 which comes closer to a "sewable" solution:

Spheres #patchwork #bauhaus #aninspirationaday

I find it extremely interesting that I like my sketches much better after not looking at them at all for a few days! ;-)