MYOD-Bauhaus - Wallpaper - Anke C, DE

MYOD-Bauhaus - Wallpaper - Anke C, DE

Name of the quilter: Anke

Name of the piece: Sunny's Boogie Woogie

Name of the exercise: MYoD2-Bauhaus - Wallpaper


What Anke says about her wallpaper design:

Sometimes it takes several fortunate coincidences that finally merge into one inspiration: Just before Christmas I zapped on TV and ended watching an episode of "The Mystery of the Masters". A group of Dutch restorers and artists take up the almost impossible challenge of reconstructing a painting by a famous master as accurately as possible in just 5 weeks. This time the exciting study object was the last, unfinished work of Piet Mondrian "Victory Boogie Woogie", a work unknown to me and rich in detail, as I only knew of larger scale mosaic works by Mondrian with the typical black outlines.

Piet Mondrian Victory Boogie Woogie Wiki Commons

Piet Mondrian's Victory Boogie Woogie (Wiki Commons)


One week later, during my traditional year-end clean-up and inventory, I found a bag with various narrow scrap strips I had used for the border design of my very first IBS (International Block Swap) quilt back in 2011.

And voilà, my spontaneous idea for the exercise “Lines” was born…

So I created narrow, 1 cm wide lines of coloured lines, horizontally and vertically arranged on a white background. I am not the type for sketches and therefore I developed the layout randomly, without planning, where the lines should meet. Only when piecing them together did I notice that some individual elements could be connected in such a way that some lines complemented or overlapped.

Anke C. Sunny's Boogie Woogie Miniquilt Bauhaus Lines

Anke C. Sunny's Boogie Woogie Miniquilt Bauhaus Lines

My mini quilt measures 35 x 35 cm and is entitled "Sunny's Boogie Woogie" as a tribute to Mondrian. Even if the resulting pattern is not a "classic" wallpaper pattern with a clear repeat, I could well imagine decorating a single wall, e.g. in a children's room, with these lines. For a living room wallpaper I would choose more subtle, natural colours for the lines.