MYoD-Bauhaus - Wallpaper - Jutta

Bauhaus Wallpaper #aninspirationaday #bauhaus #patchwork

Name of the quilter: Jutta

Name of the piece: Line Repeats

Name of the exercise: My Year of Design TWO/Wallpaper


What Jutta says about this exercise:

I really don't like wallpaper, so at first I was clueless what I could do for this exercise. I spent a few days thinking about lines, lines and patchwork blocks, lines and pattern repeats. With the help of the design software, I played around a little with blocks with curved lines.The result for now is a patchwork pattern which will certainly be a challenge to piece. However, I simply LOVE this block's potential for symmetry play... ;-)

Line Repeats #bauhaus #aninspirationaday #myyearofdesign

Here a two more examples what other layouts could be created based on this wallpaper repeat:

Line Repeats #bauhaus #aninspirationaday #myyearofdesign

Line Repeats #bauhaus #aninspirationaday #myyearofdesign