MYoD-Bauhaus - Wallpaper - Ulla

Bauhaus Wallpaper #aninspirationaday #bauhaus #patchwork

Name of the quilter: Ulla

Name of the piece: Lines 1

Name of the exercise: My Year of Design TWO/Wallpaper

What Ulla says about her design:

Today I created my first "wallpaper designs". They don't not always contain only lines, but also small shapes. As always, it was a lot of fun, and the research on the Internet for the Bauhaus artists was very revealing. There  are great things to discover there.

Lines 1

My favorite shape is clearly the square. Thus, I first played around with squares. On the one hand, I wanted to arrange it in a systematic way, on the other hand, I wanted to break that routine. That kept me busy for a while until I was satisfied. It was only at the very end that I decided on the colours, and it is not yet clear whether I will stick to them.

Bauhaus Wallpaper #aninspirationaday #bauhaus #patchwork

We will publish Ulla's other designs for the wallpaper exercises in separate posts in the next days.