MYOD-Bauhaus - Weaving Lines - Anke C, DE

Bauhaus Lines Anke C, #quilt #patchwork #bauhaus #design #weaving

Name of the quilter: Anke

Name of the piece: Behind the Fence

Name of the exercise: MYoD2-Bauhaus - Weaving Lines


What Anke says about her design:

For a long time I wanted to try to weave a pattern with different fabric strips. By coincidence, I found some meters of ready-made bias tape in white, grey and black in my supplies. In order to give the weaving work a three-dimensional effect, I folded a contrasting bias tape in half for each of the first weaving strips and appliquéd it to another one. I then arranged and fixed the bias tapes at the same distance from each other so that the grey background still remains visible.

Bauhaus Lines Anke C, #quilt #patchwork #bauhaus #design #weaving     Bauhaus Lines Anke C, #quilt #patchwork #bauhaus #design #weaving

The result of my textile experiment is this pattern, which reminds me very much of a wire mesh fence. The shades of grey reinforce this impression.

Bauhaus Lines Anke C, #quilt #patchwork #bauhaus #design #weaving

While I was working on it, I heard some interesting features on the radio about the persecution of Jews and the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. With my mini quilt "Behind the Fence" I would therefore like to remember the numerous Jewish artists and students at the Bauhaus who were deported and lost their lives in the concentration camps.

Bauhaus Lines Anke C, #quilt #patchwork #bauhaus #design #weaving

But some artists were able to escape from Germany in time and thus contributed with their further artistic work in exile to the fact that the philosophy of the Bauhaus School was carried further out into the world after its closure by the Nazis and still continues to have an effect to this day...