MYoD Summer Break - The Offside Rule - Lisahexe, DE

MYoD3 - Summer Break - Offside - Lisahexe

Activity: My Year of Design THREE

Issue: Summer Break - Offside Rule

Name of the quilter: Lisahexe

Country: Germany

What Lisahexe says about her MYoD3 design:

Since the Football European Championships were ongoing, the theme "The Offside Rule" was just right. As football fan and mother of three football playing children I am of course well familiar with the offside rule. At first, I made a rough sketch. A square with several scattered points in different colours. Then I looked again and again at my sketch and thought about ways to put it into fabric. A green field with appliquéd points, that would be too simple.

Then I made a cover for my children's report card binder. For this I used an "old" top which I had used as sample project for a bargello class I taught more than 10 years ago. This brought up the idea that the textile translation of the offside rule could be some kind of bargello pattern. The result is the following design:

MYoD3 - Summer Break - Offside - Lisahexe

Of course I wouldn't cut many narrow strips in green, but one wide strip and one in blue and one in yellow. The further process would be the same as for making a bargello quilt. Of course using several different greens which go well together cut into narrow strips would also be a possibility. This would then be a "real" bargello. But since I want to portray the offside rule, this would be drowned in a too lively background. It would be worth a try to experiment with both approaches.