MYoD - Week 04 - Michaela

MYoD - Week 04 - Michaela

User name of the quilter: Michaela

Name of the exercise: This is what I usually do

What Michaela says about week 04:

Well, I can't deny that I live in the so-called "Waldviertel" (a region in Lower Austria north of the Danube river) and that I often go for walks in the woods. My quilts often depict nature - water and plants especially. At present, my quilts can be everything, but rectangular. In my small wood of firs, there is a small creek, moss, ferns and changerelles are growing and a spider is busy building its web. Since I mostly go for walks in the morning, the first rays of sunlight penetrate the trees... (although,  if I look out of the window, it is snowing.)

Regarding techniques, I would probably mix several. Tree trunks in crash technique, work water with water soluble interface, foster forest floor with some felted wool, machine embroider or machine quilt ferns, mushrooms and spider, rays of sunlight executed with the help of organza....

MYoD - Week 04 - Michaela

Why do I work like this? I draw my own motifs because I want to sew what I like. 

Does it make me happy to work like that? Absolutely!

Am I happier with the process or with the result? Clearly with the process. As soon as a quilt is finished, I am not really interested in it any more. Then it's done and that's it. Therefore I like longer lasting projects (one to six months).

Is there anything in this process which limits me in any way? Very rarely, and if this should be the case, I look for an adequate solution. That's the exciting part!!!

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