MYoD - Week 07 - juhu

MYoD - Week 07 - juhu

User name of the quilter: juhu

Name of the exercise: Coincidence Quilt Part 2

What juhu says about week 07:

Although I am so far behind with all my MYoD exercises, I have decided that I will make an EQ7 design for each part of the Coincidence Quilt using all the information I have when working on the exercise.

I got a 6 this time which meant that I could choose from all the other options. Since I am usually very fixated on (traditional) blocks in my quilts, I decided to go for the "no blocks" option this time.

And this is what I came up with for the table runner from my week 3 coincidence:

MYoD - Week 07 - juhu

I am quite curious to see with how many different quilt designs I will end up and which I will like best!