MYoD - Week 19 - Anke

MYoD-Week 19 - Hearts

Name of the Quilter: Anke

Name of the Exercise: Hearts


What Anke says about Week 19:

What heart inspiration could me more obvious in late spring?! Strawberries have a beautiful heart shape. Here, we quickly took a photo of some strawberries surrounded by blueberries before they served as a healthy snack for school…

MYoD-Week 19 - Strawberry Heart

Following this inspiration, I first played around with EQ7 again and designed a strawberry heart on my computer. Then I took some fabric scraps from my big box and tried the foundation piecing method (plus some crazy elements because my pattern didn't work so well....) to sew a very useful little pincushion, which I urgently needed. 

MYoD-Week 19 - Strawberry Heart    MYoD-Week 19 - Strawberry Heart

Hearts can be found everywhere at our home. My daughter (6) loves them and draws them always in a nice slender and long shape, not with a big belly like I do. In the summer of 2012, we even created a large quilt (1.60 x 2.00 m) with many scrap fabrics for her bed using her hearts. She outlined all the hearts on fusible web and cut them out, while I ironed them onto multicolor scraps and did the sewing. We had a lot of fun sorting all the appliqué squares by color and size....

MYoD-Week 19 - Heart Quilt


MYoD-Week19 - Heart Pillow

This small felt pillow with an appliqué heart and many shimmering pearls was her spontaneous idea a few weeks ago. I am so happy that she’s already starting to do creative needlework at the age of 6....

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