MYoD - Week 47 - lenchen

MYoD - Week 47 - lenchen

Name of the Quilter: Lenchen

Name of the exercise: Trees

What Lenchen says about week 47:

I can well imagine the soul of a tree in late autumn. I am thinking about a tired soul exhausted from summer, quite proud, bundeling its strengths after losing all its leaves - which must be a sad event - and looking forward to spring when it will be back in all its glory and to be of aid for other creatures.

I tried to interpret this soul with three different techniques: braiding, log cabin and seminole patchwork.

In the end I decided on braidwork and made a first sketch. 

MYoD - Week 47 - lenchen

When making a quilt, I drew back a little from the braiding. Since you can never really look into the soul of someone else, I placed the braiding onto the top. The binding is a crochet border. 

MYoD - Week 47 - lenchen quilt