MYoD2015 - 09-4 - Mystery Quilt Part 9 - Lost Ships

MYoD2015 - 09-3 - Mystery Quilt Part 9 - Lost Ships

My Year of Design 2015 is over and will soon be available as book publication. We have therefore removed all the attached PDF documents. If you are a participant and still need to download individual PDFs, please let us know.


Starting with part 9 of the Mystery Block Quilt within My Year of Design 2015, we have implemented some changes. As My Year of Design is open to everybody and can be started any time until June 2016 (when the 18th module of this exciting journey of thinking and making will be published), we realized that it is not such a brilliant idea to have the answer to the Mystery Block in the same file as the next Mystery Block exercise.

We have therefore taken out the block diagram for the September block - "Lost Ships" - from the October file and put it into a separate file (see PDF file in the download area below, ca. 1.8 MB), along with a few explanations on how to make this block.

Quilt around the World members and MYoD2015 participants can download the attached PDF file - if you cannot see the link in the download area below, you do not have the appropriate user status. In that case, please go to our Webshop and read about the MYoD2015 online design course.