MYoD2015 - Coincidence Quilt Series - Ulla

MYoD2015 - Coincidence Quilt Series - Ulla

We are very happy to present the very first finished quilt from the Coincidence Quilt series of My Year of Design 2015!

Name of the quilter: Ulla

Name of the exercise(s): Coincidence Quilt series (January - October 2015)

What Ulla says about her quilt:

The following "rules" were produced by throwing the dice:
1. A:    Table runner 30 x 100 cm
1. B:    Irregular shape

Ulla Coincidence Quilt

2. A    One-Patch-Quilt - I used stripes (strips)
2. B    irregular grid - the strips are different in size and not straight

Ulla Coincidence Quilt - Detail 1

3. A    black, brown and grey
3. B    favourite colours blue-green
4. A    dark pink
4. B    two triadic colours - pink and golden yellow
5. A    traces of animals - I had planned to include some bird traces, but completetly forgot to put them into the quilt
5. B    outlines - the same
6. A    straight line from top to bottom
7. A    3 different patterns
7. B    at least one polka dot fabric
8. A    English Paper Piecing - in the yellow kite shapes

Ulla Coincidence Quilt - Detail 2

8. B    Folds in the straight line in black
9. A    Embroidery stitches: herringbone stitches
10. A   free motion quilting

Luckily I "only" got the table runner - anyhting else would have remained in the design stage. But I am very surprised that I only realized today that I forgot the animal traces - I had indeed planned them. Well, as always in life, you win some, you lose some... ;-)