MYoD3 - Module 1 - Chapter 4 - Colour I

MYoD3 - Module 1 - Chapter 4 - Colour I

The third chapter of the first module of My Year of Design THREE, our new journey of thinking and making, is available and has been sent by e-mail to all participants.

If you are a participant and haven't received chapter 4 yet, please contact us via e-mail!

Chapter 5 concentrating on focus will be sent to you from 15 January 2016.

If you are not familiar with My Year of Design, read

Introduction My Year of Design THREE

To be part of My Year of Design Three, you need to register via our webshop.

Currently, registration is still possible but we will have to put you on a waiting list. We think that the next round of MYoD3/1 will start in January 2017.

Your Results

Feel free to send us a picture of whatever you make based on MYoD3. We would love to publish your work along with your comments for everybody to see!


We will provide constructive feedback for at least one piece per chapter made by our participants. If you are wondering, what this feedback could look like, please read the introduction (link to introduction provided above).

We hope that you will understand that we have to restrict this offer to registered and paying participants, even for the free sample chapter. Giving constructive and meaningful feedback is time-consuming and time is a very scarce resource here at Quilt around the World.

How to participate

 If you'd like to be part of this project, send us an e-mail and we will notify you as soon as registration is open.

Please note: All My Year of Design THREE content is copyrighted material. It costs time and effort to create something like this. Please be fair: Copying and passing on copyrighted material is not sharing, but stealing.