MYoD3/1 - Chapter 1-6 - Holunder, DE

MYoD3/1 - Chapter 1-6 - Holunder, DE

Activity: My Year of Design THREE

Issue: Chapter 1-6

Name of the quilter: Holunder

Country: Germany


What Holunder says about her MYoD3 design:

I revised my work and decided on „fern“ as general topic.

Composition is located on the right, in the middle I placed Format above Points on the right side and Colours abouve Focus on the left. Lines are located on the left.

I really enjoyed all chapters, except working with Tyvek. I do not like the after-shrinkage stiffness which did not make quilting easier. Visually, it turned out as expect, but if I can avoid it, I will not do this again.

The quilt is called „Ferns“ and 155 cm x 85 cm in size.