MYoD3/1 - Chapter 2 - Iggi, DE

MYoD3/1 - Chapter 2 - Iggi, DE

Activity: My Year of Design THREE

Issue: Chapter 2 - Lines

Name of the quilter: Iggi

Country: Germany


What Iggi says about her MYoD3 work:

The second chapter of Modue 1 practically blindsided me. After working quite chronologically through chapter 1 (one exercise after the other, almost all done), I absolutely had to throw myself on the DIN A4 practice quilt.

I own a piece of fabric which I love very much although there is only a narrow strip of it left. And this was the opportunity to put it on stage. A black and white partner was quickly found. I continued sewing until the mini quilt was finshed - at 2:30 am!

The seam in the black and white fabric was necessary because I only had 25 cms and therefore had to piece the background to arrive at the necessary height for DIN A4. I think that this complements the theme perfectly. The white zigzag line under the points was made with the Pekinese Stitch which I used for the first time and certainly not for the last time!

MYoD3/1 - Chapter 2 - Iggi, DE

I will do a few more exercise from chapter 2 because I find them interesting (the alphabet exercise is finished (of course there is an example for every letter, sometimes even two). And moreover I delved into "Point to Line to Plane" by Kandinsky and enjoying it very much.

Thank you very much for a very satisfactory chapter 2!