MYoD3/3 - Visual Unity - Ulla B., DE

Smaragd Quilt Ulla
Activity: My Year of Design THREE
Issue: Visual Unity
Name of the quilter: Ulla
Country: Germany


What Ulla says about her "Smaragd" quilt:

At the beginning of a year, I always devote myself to my various scraps.
Over the years I have made really beautiful quilts. I often use 9 x 9 cm memo papers and cover them with small scraps of one color family. These then make squares or triangle blocks in my quilts.

Since I had nine turquoise note pads plus five green-blue ones, I tried to use them for a new design. The result is a nice table runner that I like a lot. The visual unity is created on the one hand by the colours, on the other hand by the
repetition of the square and the connecting lines. The stars, made with the same technique, add a beautiful contrast to the otherwise straight lines.

Smaragd Quilt Ulla


Smaragd Quilt Ulla