Mysterious 7 - Block #19 - Susanne, DE

Mysterious 7   #patchwork #blockmysteries

Name of the quilter: Susanne K

Name of the block: Block #19

Country: Germany

What Susanne says about her Mysterious 7 block design:

At first a big compliment on the beautiful blocks which you designed!

I was intrigued to design such a block with EQ8. Of course I had to end up with a difficult one - with all the curved lines. Here my design.

I would be very happy to receive the entire project as EQ project file.

Mysterious 7   #patchwork #blockmysteries

Dear Susanne, dear Mysterious 7 participants,

we are currently working hard to complete the EQ8 file with all participants' blocks and to finalize the book containing all Mysterious 7 puzzle blocks including the tutorials, a block/quilt gallery and some unpublished material. Anybody who would still like have their blocks included both in the EQ8 file and in the block gallery in the book should hand in their designs rather sooner than later! :-) 

Best wishes

The Quilt around the World team